Famous Slug Spottings

In May 1986, People Magazine dedicated a full page spread to the Santa Cruz banana slug movement. Oxford West's Fiat Slug was displayed prominently in the article.

Of course, in 1992, the Santa Cruz Banana Slug was named the nation's top mascot by the National Directory of College Athletics. That same year, Sports Illustrated Magazine also named the Banana Slug the nation's best college nickname.

Photo by Linda R. Chen, courtesy of Miramax films

In the award-winning film Pulp Fiction, 70's demigod John Travolta immortalizes the Fiat Slug t-shirt by wearing it through-out the last few scenes of the film. As to how the slug shirt ended up in the movie, apparently director Quentin Tarantino frequented the Santa Cruz area some years back when his girlfriend was a student at the campus. He specifically requested the student-designed Fiat Slug shirt be used in the film.

On December 26, 1994, the San Francisco Chronicle dedicated a story to the growing popularity of the Fiat Slug t-shirt design, saying the shirt "is well on its way to becoming a fashion sensation."

On the weekend of January 28-29, the nationally synicated television show, EXTRA ran a feature on the Banana Slug appearance in Pulp Fiction.

The banana slug is celebrated up and down the northern coast of the United States. In the seaside, forested towns of very Northern California, we have been led to believe that Banana Slug festivals occur yearly, wherein slugs are consumed for sport and pleasure.

A 2000 poll conducted by Sports University.com ranked the Banana Slug No. 1 nationwide in the first annual Nations Funniest College Nickname Championship.

In 2002, Sport Illustrated Kids magazine featured the Banana Slug Mascot in their Nation's Wierdest Mascots article.

In 2004, the classic Fiat Slug shirt was worn by director Eric Saperston in his inspiring and insightful documentary 'The Journey.'

A few years ago, the banana slug almost became the official state mollusk of California. Sadly, the bill went on to be vetoed by the govenor, slugphobia go the better of him.